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Lighter lunch on the go at Pizza Hut Restaurants

19 / 04 / 2019

Want tasty lunch somewhere kid-friendly? Pizza Hut Restaurants is the place. Our lunchtime menu and Pizza Hut flatbreads are legendary, and don’t break the bank. On your lunch break or a health kick? We’re a renowned fast service lunch restaurant.


Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into our Unlimited Lunch Buffet. Picture the scene: all the fresh salad you could possibly eat, super fast service, plus individual slices of whichever pizza is taking your fancy.

Want something sweet, spicy or BBQ? Pizza Hut Restaurants has you covered. Our Veggie Pizza, packed with cheese and veg, is perfect for when you need to grab something filling when time is of the essence. We guarantee a full day of happiness and satisfaction - just as long as you keep picturing your new happy place (back at Pizza Hut Restaurants).

Not in the mood for the buffet? We have tasty and convenient vegan and gluten-free options. So you won’t have to compromise on flavour or quality - even if you’re in a rush. Our Vegan BBQ Jack ‘N’ Ch**se is perfectly complemented by crunchy lettuce and sweet tomatoes from the Unlimited Salad Bar. Even the bacon bits are vegan! So put down the meal deal and treat yourself to a truly exciting lunchtime experience.


If you’re feeling angelic, that’s ok too - we’re here to support you! Our uniquely designed Flatbread range contains products that are all under 550 calories and packed with veggie goodness. So don’t settle for bland health-conscious food, because life is too short.

Feel saintly with our Virtuous Veg, which is loaded with fresh spinach, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. If your tastes are more carnivorous, our BBQ Meat Flatbread features our triple cheese blend (and is STILL under 550 calories, can you believe?!) with flame roasted peppers and shaved steak.

Of course, our Unlimited Salad Bar is always on hand for support. With over 35 different toppings, sauces ranging from sweet to spicy, and even the odd tortilla chip for added crunch. As well as all this (and we’re really treating you here), all of our Unlimited Fizzy Drinks are low-sugar, so you can treat yourself… without the guilt.

So if you’re on the go, fancy something lighter or have just heard the tales of how awesome our lunchtime menu and Flatbreads are, come on down to Pizza Hut Restaurants.


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