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It's Linner Time!

10 / 07 / 2017

Sorry! Linner Time is no longer available! 😞

Don't worry though - select your favourite Hut and check out our Offers page for personalised deals!




Picture the scene: you're hungry - and lunch is well over, but it's a bit too early for dinner. You're in a bind. 

Well fret no more! We have the perfect solution for you - LINNER TIME. 3-5pm every weekday. Imagine Brunch, but better. 

You can get one of our lovely (fewer than 550 calorie) Flatbread pizzas for just £6! There are loads of nice ones to choose from. We've got:

Tuna Niçoise or Shrimply Delicious for the fish lovers, Chicken Delight or BBQ Steak for the meat lovers or Virtuous Veg if you're so inclined. 

Or you can get one of the Flatbreads with a help-yourself soft drink for just £8. I know where I'm going for Linner - The Hut!

Linner Time - because Dunch doesn't sound as good. 

It won't be on forever - so get it while you can!  

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