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18 / 11 / 2016

We don't mean to brag...but we have won 3 awards this year!



Papa Awards 🍕

Pizza Hut Restaurants last week won the PAPA award for Best Restaurant Chain.

The judges awarded the trophy to us said "it was impossible to ignore the transformation and performance of the business over the past couple of years and the amazing turn around." - Not too shabby eh! 😉

There was a lot of tough competition for this award and we came out on top! 😊 #winning




Social Awards 💬

UK Social Media Communications Award 2016 - Pizza Hut Restaurants won Best of Use of Twitter for the Taste Freedom campaign,up against fierce competition such as Samsung, Energizer, and even TV programme I Have Got News for You.


*Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*😏...@pizzahutuk


Dadi Awards 2016 Best Use of Social Media – a successful campaign quadrupling the twitter following organically as result of some fantastic creative work. well we do boss it on Twitter tbf 🔥



Here are the fantastic awards🏆


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