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In this life who gives a knife and fork about cutlery? We don't. Leave your worries at the door and bring your appetite. Freedom's tasty, come and take a bite out of it. Pure, unadulterated, don't-tell-me-what-to-do-freedom, the kind that makes you feel, well... free. so grab your taste buddies - and let's hustle.


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Salted Caramel Cookie Dough
Try our

Salted Caramel
Cookie Dough


Who doesn't like Salted Caramel?! It's quite possibly the nicest thing ever. Merge that with Cookie Dough and Ice Cream - you're on to a winner.

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Create Your Own
Pizza Hut x You

Your Own

Eat outside the box. Choose your base, sauce and toppings. Collaborate with us to make your perfect pizza.

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Pizza Hut Cocktails
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You've heard the rumours. You can believe them. Believe them all! Pizza Hut Restaurants have cocktails, and hardshakes - coming to a restaurant near you soon!

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Taste Freedom

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Freedom is a state of mind. At Pizza Hut Restaurants - freedom is close. So close you can almost taste it...



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