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Unlimited lunch buffet

Nothing says FREEDOM like our Unlimited Lunch Buffet. Every weekday 'til 3pm help yourself to our massive range of unlimited pizza, pasta and salad! 

Have as much as you like for just:
Adult - from £7.50 // Child - from £4.99


🚨 Kids Buffet Bundle! 🚨

For £8.99 - Kids can help themselves to the Buffet, plus add a drink and dessert from our Kids Menu!

How does the Buffet work?


When is the Buffet on?

The Buffet starts when a Hut opens on a weekday, and almost always runs until 3pm. Check your local Hut opening time.

At some Huts it runs even later - and if you're super lucky maybe even into the night! Make sure you're signed up to our emails and we'll update you with hot Buffet gossip and any deals.

If you're heading to the Hut on a Bank Holiday - you won't find the Buffet. Don't worry though, our awesome Main Menu will always be waiting for you!


Get your Buffet on 'til 3pm!

We're serving the Buffet right now!

Lunch Buffet Menu



That's right. It's the Pizza Hut Buffet - but on a Sunday!
Until 3pm every Sunday help yourself to Unlimited Pizza, Pasta and Salad.
Let's start a new tradition.

Sunday Buffet

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