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Once you have booked a table, we will send you a confirmation email. Sit back, relax and wait to enjoy your meal. If we have any problems with the booking, someone from the Hut will be in contact with you. 

We'll hold the table for 15 minutes, please let us know if you're running late! 

If two tables are booked at the same time for one party, we may not be able to seat you together.

Please be aware that currently all our restaurants are cashless and are only taking bank card payments.



Please note that we are not currently running Kids Parties. 

Your party should last about 75 minutes and requires parental supervision (1 or 2 adults for every 8 kids depending on age should be fine).

Whilst we would love to accommodate more, we will be unable to seat additional adults unless booked and dining with us, so if you have several parents staying why not order some nibbles or a Sharing Pizza. If you book more than one table separately we cannot guarantee you will be seated together.

Finally we hope your little heroes have a fantastic time, but with all the excitement, apart from when they are being taken to toilets or to help themselves at our Salad Station, Drink Station or Ice Cream Factory we do ask that they remain at their own table in consideration of other guests.