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Family dining on a budget at Pizza Hut

26 / 04 / 2019

Dining out with family doesn’t have to break the bank. Pizzas, Unlimited Salad and an awesome kids menu - our kid-friendly pizza restaurant has it all. Read on to find out more about our lunch hour deals.


We know how hard it can be to find a good value, family friendly restaurant. That’s why we're here to help. If you want a night off from cooking or are simply hankering for the Hut, why not try our BBQ Jack ‘N’ Cheese pull-apart pizza?

Absolutely perfect for sharing, one 14” pizza can make two (or even three!) people as stuffed as our Cheesy Bite Bites in no time. Every one of our pizzas is so packed with flavour and toppings that nobody will be going hungry.


Whether you’re arriving at our kid-friendly pizza restaurant with a little hero, a big hero or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered with our Big Boss and Little Boss menus. Uniquely designed for families looking to get the most bang for their buck, Little Bosses (recommended for 7-year-olds and under) can expect a drink, a main, a salad and a dessert all for just £5.99! Big Bosses (recommended for 8-12 year olds) receive the same thing, plus a side, for £7.99!

Watch in awe as they tackle the DIY Tuna Wraps, sink their teeth into Mini Corn on the Cob and stay hydrated with fruit juice - tackling some of their 5-a-day! Plus, they can make the most of our Unlimited low-sugar Drinks! The choice is yours - and we don’t mind if you take all the credit for how tasty the food is.


There’s nothing more exciting than the word buffet, and that’s a scientific fact. What if we stuck the word ‘Unlimited’ in front of that - too much?! Of course not. If you’re looking for lunch hour deals for you and the family, look no further than here. Grab your weapon of choice (a plate, usually) launch some fresh salad onto it and then fill any remaining space with various slices of mouthwatering pizza. As much as you want!

Adults can dine in from £7.50 and kids for just £4.99. And it’s as simple as that, so don’t waste any more time - our deals are as hot as our Hot ‘N’ Spicy Veggie pizza and just as tasty. 


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