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Vegan Friendly!

11 / 01 / 2017

Whether you're vegan, or just don't do lactose, there's no reason for anyone to miss out on Pizza. You might have heard the news...

Vegan Cheese is here!

That's right! We're excited to be offering Violife's award-winning dairy-free cheese alternative in all of our restaurants!


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Being vegan is no reason to miss out on Pizza! You'll be glad to know that no matter what you eat, you can eat with us. Ready to hear everything vegan you can enjoy in our Huts?

Are you ready?

Here we go....

You can have.... 



• Pan Dough
• All American Thin Dough
• Flatbread Dough
• Tomato Sauce
• BBQ Sauce


• Salad Mix
• Mixed Peppers
• Red Onion
• Sweetcorn
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Cucumber
• Shredded Carrot
• Apple
• Bacon Bits <--- Bet you didn't expect that one! 💃
• Croutons
• Tortilla Chips
• Fried Onion
• Sultanas
• Pickled Beetroot
• Tomato and Basil Cous Cous



VEGETABLES & FRUIT (Tomato is a fruit apparently)

• Black Olives
• Mixed Peppers
• Mushroom
• Red Onion
• Sweetcorn 🌽
• Green Chilli
• Cherry Tomatoes 🍅
• Jalapeños
• Pineapple 🍍
• Rocket 🚀
• Fresh Spinach
• Roquito® Peppers
• Caramelised Onions



• Low Fat French Dressing



• BBQ Sauce
• Sweet Chilli Sauce
• Tomato Ketchup
• BBQ Dip Pot
• Sweet Chilli Dip Pot
• Tomato Ketchup Dip Pot

For full ingredients, nutritional and allergy information download our advice sheet.

The menu items listed above are free from animal products including meat, eggs, dairy and other animal-derived substances. Please inform your server if you wish to order food suitable for a person on a vegan diet. If you'd like further detail on any of our ingredients, please contact our customer service team at information is accurate on January 2017. 

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