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Veganism for the masses

25 / 02 / 2019

‘Tasteless’ Vegan Ch**se is a thing of the past thanks to our friends at Violife. We’re delighted to announce that the Vegan BBQ Jack ‘N’ Ch**se pizza isn’t just for Veganuary – it’s here to stay on the Pizza Hut Restaurants vegan menu!


Pizza Hut Restaurants use Violife's dairy-free alternative to cheese and our guests love it, thanks to its gooey, melty texture. Violife have a line of products specifically designed for all our pizza needs and, as we all know, those are pretty extensive. The secret to this oozy miracle is coconut oil, which gives our Vegan Ch**se its wonderful meltability and sharp taste.


Another magical secret of Violife's dairy-free alternative to cheese is that it's totally GMO (genetically modified) free. Violife strive to create a product that can be eaten with virtually zero guilt (it is a cheese alternative after all!) when it comes to our indulgence and the environment, without compromising on taste. All of these reasons made it an easy decision to choose Violife as our cheesy comrade for the Pizza Hut Restaurants vegan menu.


The other showstopper atop the Vegan BBQ Jack 'N' Ch**se is BBQ jackfruit, a meat substitute that some people think is similar to pulled pork! Drizzled with BBQ sauce, this fruit has a firm and meaty texture that really adds some bite. Hot and spicy flavours complement the creaminess of the Violife cheese, further enhancing its credentials as the best vegan cheese for pizza. What's more, because you guys loved this vegan pizza so much, we're permanently adding it to the Pizza Hut Restaurants vegan menu.

Thank us later!


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