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Pizza Hut takeaway should always be a midweek treat

01 / 10 / 2020

It’s safe to say that it’s the little things that are getting us through the week at the moment. Here at Pizza Hut Restaurants, any excuse goes for a midweek treat! Washed your hair on Monday? Midweek treat. Ironed your shirt this morning? Midweek treat. And what better midweek treat than Pizza? Luckily for you, Pizza Hut Restaurants are here to make that midweek treat decision 100% easier. Simply use Pizza Hut Restaurants Takeaway service.


Pizza Hut Restaurants takeaway is the perfect treat

 Picture the scene.

It’s Tuesday, the most pointless day of the week. You’re not even halfway through the week yet, you don’t have the Monday excuses anymore, and you’re suddenly faced with bare kitchen cupboards and the oven – which has definitely seen better days.

What do you do?

You rename Tuesday to Pizza Day, of course! (Any other weekday will do the trick too!).

You grab your phone and search for a ‘Pizza Hut takeaway near me’ because you can’t face that oven today.

Before you share the good news with the fam, you find your nearby Pizza Hut Restaurant to get our incredible Pizza straight to you as soon as humanly possible.

 Then, you hit that ‘order takeaway’ button and you’re ready to save Tuesday!

Save the day with a Pizza Hut takeaway near you

Now you have a choice to make. Are you a collection or a delivery type of person? Choose your path and make your move.

As loads of our local Huts are open for collection and car boot collection (yes - we’ll deliver your order right to your boot!), you can select these options and arrange the pickup of your Pizza Hut Restaurants takeaway directly through our website.


 Want your Pizza Hut takeaway delivered? No problem!

If you’ve already taken your shoes off and blended in with the couch, a collection may not be the best option for you. But, no worries, we’ve got you covered.

To get our wide range of options delivered directly to your door, Pizza Hut Restaurants has partnered with a range of incredible delivery partners so you can enjoy our Pizza delights from the comfort of your own home. Simply follow our five simple steps to get your piping hot Pizza brought right to you. 

Joining forces with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat means that whether your local Pizza Hut Restaurant is next door, or a short drive away, you can get your week back on track in double-quick time.

Go on, treat yourself. You’ve earned a Pizza Hut takeaway today!

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01 / 10 / 2020

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