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Pepperonesie Day

19 / 12 / 2016

50% OFF Takeaway Orders for Onesie Wearers!

New Year’s Day… thousands of hungover souls feeling very sorry for themselves, vowing to never inflict the nauseous pain on themselves ever again. We’ve all been there; you’re in desperate need of pizza but cannot fathom getting properly dressed… you’re torn. Torn between lazy comfort and a hunger which you cannot control… but then, what’s that? A light at the end of the tunnel? Enter: Pepperonesie Day.

On Sunday 1st January if you come into any Pizza Hut Restaurant wearing a Onesie, you will receive a 50% off your take away order for collection.

Here’s how it works:

  • Takes a selfie inside/in front of the Hut on New Year’s Day in your onesie and post the pic tagging either our Instagram (pizzahutuk) or our Twitter (pizzahutuk) account.
  • We instantly Direct Message you a code which will get you 50% off the takeaway order

If you are willing to go even further and rock up in a PEPPERONI ONESIE you will have the chance to win a £100 gift card!

Remember to check if your local Hut is open (you don't want to be stood outside in the cold in your onesie without the warmth of a nice pizza!).

Full deets are available at:

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