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It’s true, we’ve changed!

04 / 09 / 2016

And we mean it- we have really changed!

Gone are the days of boring Huts and we can wave a big happy good bye and throw our beige chairs and carpets out of the door! (Who really likes a beige carpet anyway…)


Bright lights, cocktail bars, red, white and blue leather seats and graffiti art murals, it sounds like something right out of a Las Vegas film set but no your eyes aren’t deceiving you, you’ve just entered a Pizza Hut!

And we don’t hang around, we have given over 130 of our Huts a make-over (and the others will definitely all be getting transformed very very soon!). We even have delicious new sweet potato fries, BBQ ribs and cheesecake on the menu so you can be sure your nearest Hut is looking and tasting its very best!

We will almost forgive you for waving a star spangled banner as you leave the Hut, just please leave your cowboy boots at home!

See, we told you we had changed!

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