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11 / 09 / 2020

Our Guests
We thank you for your continued support, we are now fully open in most locations for Dine-in, Takeaway and Aggregator home Delivery and we are delighted to welcome you back to eat with us.

Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA)
As you may have read in the media we, (Pizza Hut Restaurants - UK dine-in franchise business of the global Pizza Hut Brand), have recently launched a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA), liaising with landlords and other stakeholders to reach an agreement that reflects the ‘new normal’ business environment and aims to minimises the impact on our Huts and our people. We, along with the majority of the hospitality sector, have faced significant disruption due to the pandemic but we are working hard to return to our pre-lockdown strength.

What does this mean for my local Hut?
We operate 244 Huts across the UK and the majority will remain unaffected, however it is likely that over time we’ll need to close some of our quieter restaurants –the information on our website will be kept up to date and you can check on your nearest Hut by clicking here and searching with your postcode.

We look forward to serving you delicious pizza – please come and visit us soon.

Please note: The CVA doesn’t affect locations, jobs or operations at Pizza Hut Delivery, any of Pizza Hut Delivery’s franchises or any international Pizza Hut operations.

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