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The Kids Menu Minefield

26 / 02 / 2019

Kids menus can be complicated, can’t they? Whether it’s too much choice, or not enough options, finding child-friendly restaurants is a bit like spotting unicorns. But here at Pizza Hut Restaurants we aim to offer as much choice, fun and simplicity as possible, so you guys can sit back and relax while we do all the work.


Because your kids are your little heroes, they’re instantly ours as well. That’s why we’ve made our kids menus as straightforward and stress-free as possible. For Little Bosses, we've got a drink, main, salad and dessert for £5.99, and the same thing plus a side for £7.99 for Big Bosses who are a little more peckish. Our sides range from comforting to downright angelic, with everything from Fries to Mini Corn on the Cob on offer (we all need balance, after all). Also, we realise that children have more than enough energy at the best of times, which is why we only offer sugar-free drinks with all our Kids meals. The trick is to not tell them, so they can have all the fun of the fizz without the usual sugar crash.

And they’re unlimited! Alternatively, we offer milk and fruit juices.


Salad on a kids menu is very rarely seen, and we think that should change. Our Unlimited Salad Bar gives kids the freedom to choose their very own veg combinations. They can get creative with colours, textures and tastes, all the while filling themselves up with the good stuff. Everything is fresh and with a load of different options, they’ll be well on their way to getting their five-a-day. Absolutely everything is veggie friendly too, including our cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and tortilla chips.


When everybody is suitably stuffed with greens, it could be time for a treat, and our Unlimited Ice Cream Factory has enough toppings to satisfy even the fussiest group of kids. Ranging from sprinkles and chocolate sauce to apple wedges, the party can continue with dessert. Here at Pizza Hut Restaurants, our aim is to create a fun place for kids to eat and play, because we believe giving them the opportunity to try new things is priceless. We also have high chairs, baby-changing and bottle-warming facilities, to ensure that even the tiniest members of your family can grab a slice of the action.


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