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We're mixing things up!

02 / 08 / 2016

We're mixing things up!

We’re adding a touch of sweet and sour to our legendary Happy Hour!

The daddy of all drinks has NOW landed at Pizza Hut Restaurants. That’s right, we’re saying Ciao to the new Disaronno Sour! Not only is this sweet and sour beauty delish, but you can even shake it yourself... so go on, shake your way to drink heaven

Form an orderly queue… 

We’re also jumping over our Hawaiians to get to these yummy showstoppers!
The Cuba Libre – Classic Bacardi & Coke, and finally the Honey Mint Julep - a sweet twist on a classic cocktail. Made with new Jack Daniels Honey and Funkin Mojito mix! - Sure to slake your thirst!

And finally! We’re thrilled to also introduce these delightful drinks- as part of our Happy Hour! Raspberry Chambord & Elderflower Gin Fizz.

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