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Mental Health UK

26 / 10 / 2018

Here in the UK one in four of us is affected by a mental health problem every year. Our amazing charity partners Mental Health UK help people all around the country understand, manage and improve their mental health.

You know we're all about sharing Pizza - but that's not all. We believe that we can't make our guests feel good if we don't feel great ourselves. That's why we're committed to balancing our high skills training with emotional development, and creating a work environment where we can talk frankly about mental health and tackle stigma.

We're proud to work with our charity partners all year round, but this October our teams up and down the country held events to support the great work done by Mental Health UK - just this year to date we've raised over £16,000!



Here's a bunch of our awesome Restaurant Managers taking over the Cribbs Causeway Hut for the night!

We're not too sure about the penguin costume, but they raised an amazing £200!

Our Fountain Street team spent a whole month dressing up to raise money for Mental Health UK.

They were already absolute superheroes, but now they look the part too!

The Newbury squad jumped straight into action during our big fundraising month.

We're super proud of them, and all the Hut teams around the country who got involved!

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