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Mac 'N' Cheese Stuffed Crust

10 / 07 / 2017

Yep, it's a thing. We made it a thing.

Love Mac 'N' Cheese? Love Pizza? Well… you've come to the right place.

We've got two EPIC Mac 'N' Cheese Stuffed Crusts to add to our menu, for a limited time only.

We start with a Sharing Stuffed Crust - a very good place to start any pizza. It's sharing, coz you know... that's what we're all about... and it has to be Stuffed Crust - because it acts as a wall to keep in all of the Mac 'N' Cheese… Mouth watering yet?  

"So what are these two types?" I hear you cry. We've got "The Classic One": it's got a Béchamel Base, Macaroni, Cheese Sauce, Triple Cheese Blend and Crispy Onions. Oh yes.

If that doesn't take your fancy - well this DEFINITELY will. "The BBQ One": this one's got a BBQ Base, Macaroni, Cheese Sauce, Triple Cheese Blend, a BBQ Drizzle and Crispy Onions. Tasting is believing with this one.

We don't mean to brag - but at Pizza Hut towers, we think it's literally the best pizza we've ever made ever. Like... EVER.

It’s £21.95 for this sharing extravaganza eleganza. Share this beauty with a couple of mates and it’s actually an absolute BARGAIN!

P.S. We won’t judge you if you attempt one by yourself.

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