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How to Plan the Perfect Kids Party

22 / 03 / 2019

Pizza Hut Restaurants are here to end all your birthday troubles with our brand new party packages. Sit back, relax and marvel at our Unlimited Ice Cream Factory, Big Boss children’s menu and a stress-free party experience.

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Speaking of reasonable prices - every kid at the party will be able to try our £7.99 Big Boss menu, featuring: a drink, main, salad, side and dessert. We understand that hero duties, big or small, can’t be done on a belly that’s too full. The answer? Our adorable mini pizzas. Children’s party venues have to cater for, well - children, which is why we like to offer lighter options of Mini Corn on the Cob as a side and Del Monte all-fruit ice lollies as a dessert (1 of your 5 a day!).

If your heroes fancy something a little lighter, why not suggest our breaded chicken and fries, our even a DIY tuna wrap? A sure-fire way to fill them with veggies without them even noticing, combined with the fun of letting them make their meal themselves. Is there anything more exciting than the word ‘unlimited’? Our sugar-free fizzy drinks can go on forever (or at least until the party is over).


Places to eat for kids birthdays need to have some kind of entertainment, it goes without saying. That’s why we provide activity books to keep them busy between feeding times, along with a funky colouring in tablecloth (if you book for more than 8 kids!), so they know exactly which table is theirs when they come in.

Our Unlimited Ice Cream Factory can also mean hours of fun. First of all, it’s ice cream! We’re not sure what more you could want... But as if that wasn’t enough, it’s unlimited - with unlimited toppings and dairy goodness! Kids can choose from sprinkles, sauces and even apple slices.

Top Tip: For another injection of fun, why not suggest a topping competition? Whoever has the brightest, most colourful finished product is the winner!


So, now you know how the party will be when you arrive, but what about actually getting people here? More than that, what about the complete and utter chaos of supervising multiple children choosing their meals at the same time?

Once again, we’ve got your back here at Pizza Hut Restaurants. Pizza Hut children’s parties all begin with downloading pre-order forms and digital invites. Imagine it - blissfully watching your kids choose their food in advance, safe in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of on the big day. Digital invites mean saving some pennies on expensive paper invites, and saving some trees as well!

Don’t worry parents, we haven’t forgotten about you guys. We know you’re supervising but, when you’ve got a spare minute, feel free to tuck into something from our adult menu as a well-deserved treat while your kids have their fun.

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