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Journey to the gluten free pizza

12 / 03 / 2019

In the past, suggesting heading to a pizza restaurant to somebody with a gluten intolerance would have been ridiculous. Out of the question. Insensitive, even. Not anymore though, thanks to the Pizza Hut Restaurants gluten-free pizza menu!


If gluten really isn’t your friend, then have no fear. To avoid any confusion once and for all, every one of our gluten-free Pizzas are square instead of round (we know, groundbreaking). We want you to feel special, you know? We’ve mixed it up to make it a little different. You get an uncut pizza and a steak knife (to avoid cross-contamination) which means that you can cut it however you want – in squares, triangles, or simply pick it up and take a bite – we’re not judging.

As a leading gluten-free Pizza restaurant, we want to look out for you.


Each and every one of our pizzas can be transformed before your eyes into a mouth-watering gluten-free pizza. Whether you fancy the triple cheese blend of the Epic Veggie, are feeling controversial with a pineapple covered Hawaiian or just want to keep it simple with a classic Margherita, your gluten-free Pizza needs will be catered for.


Once you’ve entered the once exclusively wheat-filled zone of a Pizza Hut Restaurant, please let our servers know about any dietary requirements. That way the kitchen can be told and everybody can chill out in the knowledge that no gluten will be passing your lips.

Every gluten-free pizza option on our menu comes hand in hand with a gluten-free accreditation symbol, so you know exactly what’s going on with your grains. Finish off the adventure by chucking on tonnes of our exceptional toppings and layering on the sauces for the ultimate flavour experience.

So, now you know everything you could possibly need to know about our gluten-free pizza dough and everything that can be launched on top of it, get on down to your new favourite gluten-free pizza restaurant today.


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