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Bringing the Family Together with Pizza

18 / 09 / 2019

The kids are back in school, but there’s still plenty of time for some family days out. Nothing brings families together like pizza. It’s the ultimate party-starter, peacemaker, and all-round perfect way to cap off a memorable day of adventures.

Food brings people together and none more so than pizza. It’s cut into slices after all! And, although it’s tempting to keep your delicious Pizza Hut dishes all to yourself, it’s way more fun to share and share alike. Take one and pass it along for a taste extravaganza that the whole family can enjoy.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these tantalising treats that are best shared.


All of our starters and sides are designed to be shared. That doesn’t mean you have to, of course, because they are ridiculously moreish. But, if you’re feeling charitable, they’re the perfect sharers. You’ve got your traditional sharing plates that no meal should be without, like garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread, onion rings, fries and mini corn on the cob. These are your family staples that everyone knows and loves.

Then you’ve got some trademark Pizza Hut specials that can add an extra bit of excitement to your family dining experience. We’re talking gooey Cheesy Bite Bites (dunked in tangy garlic and herb dip, naturally!), Cajun-style BBQ chicken wings, melt-in-the-mouth Cheesy Triangles, zingy Jalapeño Poppers, succulent boneless Chicken Bites, and divine Jack ‘N’ Rolls crammed with exotic jackfruit and Violife Vegan Ch**se.


We weren’t kidding when we said pizzas are made for sharing. No, really! It’s the ideal finger food that always leaves you satisfied. We’re looking at you tapas. One of the joys of eating out with the family is you can mix and match your dishes however you like. With a table-full of pizza there for the taking, why wouldn’t the kids take a bite out of mum’s Meat Feast? Or grab a slice of dad’s Epic Veggie? Gran’s Veggie Flatbread (fewer than 550 calories!) looks way too good to miss as well!

Our large 14” pizzas (13” for deep pan pizzas) give you eight individual slices respectively to share amongst your tribe. So there’s plenty to go around. What’s more, we can amp up your pizza-sharing experience even more with a stuffed crust upgrade that transforms what, in our humble opinion, is already a delicious crust into a garlicky bonanza bursting with mouth-watering melted cheese. Then there’s our Cheesy Bites upgrade; doughy little delights packing plenty of garlic and cheesy goodness, which are made for the whole family to tear, share and dip in the sauce of your choice.


You can kiss goodbye to arguments over which pizza toppings everyone wants now too. Hooray! Because we like to keep things fun and flexible here at the Hut. Let’s say you’re ordering a couple of pizzas for the table. You’ve got the Hawaiian converts and the pineapple nay-sayers slugging it out, while the Chicken Supreme fans go head-to-head with the Pepperoni fanatics. No problem. With half and half toppings on all our large pizzas everyone can have their fill. You can even upgrade to add extra mozzarella, our trademark Triple Cheese Blend or vegan cheese.


With high chairs, baby changing and bottle warming facilities, and family friendly atmospheres as standard at all our Pizza Hut Restaurants, we’ve got everything you need to please the whole family. So why not book a table at your nearest Hut today?

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