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Our Frequently Asked Questions about Pizza Hut for Kids

Here at Pizza Hut Restaurants, food and drink is the star of the show. No matter what you eat, we've got a variety of menus to cater for just about every dietary need going. Something for everyone!

Want to know more about our food and drink? Check out our frequently asked questions below to learn more - and if we haven’t answered your questions, why not contact your local Hut and let one of team assist you.


I’m not mad keen on Pizza, should I still come?

What!? Who doesn’t like Pizza?! But if you really don't - fear not. We do other stuff too and it's as tasty as the pizza. Check out the menu and see what you think. We also do loads of yummy desserts – top tip, the warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is awesome!

I could eat Pizza at home though...

Yep, you could. But will it be Pizza Hut pizza that's piping hot and served to your table minutes after it came from the oven? Will it have that distinctive Pizza Hut smell of... erm, how do you describe it – well it’s just tasty! Will it be topped full of veg that's been freshly chopped?

Will the dough have been stretched by hand and lovingly prepared? Will it be served by a smiling face and accompanied by unlimited drinks and a trip to the Ice Cream Factory afterwards? Will all your family or mates be sat together laughing and joking and just having a bloomin’ great time?

Thought not.

(You can also collect from us though if you really do want to stay at home)

Why is some of the food different to what Pizza Hut Delivery do?

Well we want to make sure your food is awesome and some Pizzas just don’t travel well, so Pizza Hut Delivery have a slightly different menu to Pizza Hut Restaurants. We wouldn’t want to disappoint you now would we!?

Do you do salad?

Our Salad Bar is pretty special, with over 30 ingredients, and at all Huts you can get it for FREE with every main meal when you eat in with us!

Do you serve alcohol?

We do! But only if you’re legal (18 years & over). You can only drink it in our Hut though, you can’t take it away. Them’s the rules.

Do you do Cocktails?

Oh yeeeeeeah, we do Cocktails! No seriously we do #NoJoke. Cocktails, Mocktails, Pitchers & Hard Shakes - we’ve got em’ all! We’ve got loads to choose from with some good old classics and some swanky new specials, not to mention our Hard Shakes (that’s Milkshakes with alcohol – no you’re not dreaming!). You can’t get them at all Huts yet, but our Cocktail Bars are coming to more and more Huts, check out our Blog for more info.

Can I bring my own food?

Why would you want to?! We're really careful about allergens and the like in our Huts, so the only food you can eat with us is the stuff we've lovingly prepared for you.

Can I come just for pudding?

Pudding, dessert.. tomAto, tomAHto.. yep – we do it all. And you are very welcome.

Why does the Pizza Hut menu change from time to time?

We just want to keep making it better! We ask for feedback and look at what you're all loving... so we try out new food!

Do you do Gluten Free Pizza?

We sure do! You can order almost all of our Individual Pizzas with gluten free dough. They even come in a snazzy square shape cuz squares are obvs cooler!

You might be surprised by how much of our food is Gluten Free - check out our Nutritional Information page for all the details.

What about Nutrition and allergies: Can you tell me what goes into your food?

Yep. Click here for more nutritional info or have a look at our food and drink pages to see all the stats.

Is your meat Halal?

None of the food served at Pizza Hut in the UK and Ireland is halal certified. 

Can I have a kid's meal?

Sure, why not! We've got two awesome Kid's Menus available, but just to let you know the prices there are for under 12s only. 

If you're older and you still want a kid's meal you might be charged more due to the amount of unlimited options available. If in doubt - always best to check in Hut!

How do I work out the price of a half and half pizza?

Woah! We're pizza makers, not maths geniuses. That's why we've made this super simple.

If you're going half and half, just look at the Sharing prices for the pizzas you want, split those in half, and add them together!

How do you cook your pasta?

Through our ovens. They're very nice too.