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Our Frequently Asked Questions about Deals & Special Offers at Pizza Hut

There's only one thing better than eating out - eating out for less! To find out about the fantastic deals and special offers at Pizza Hut Restaurants, keep an eye out on our social media channels or sign up to our newsletter.

If you have any questions about Pizza Hut Restaurants deals and offers, why not see if we've answered them below in our frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Just get in touch with a Hut and they'll be happy to help.



I love a deal – can I get one please!?

Hey, who doesn’t love a deal! And yes, you can have one... we have free salad with every main meal in all of our Huts all day every day.

If that wasn’t enough you can top up on your fizzy pop or squash for free and have as much as you like (our drinks are unlimited).

And if those two beauties weren’t enough the trips to the Ice Cream Factory are unlimited too! So buy one bowl and you can just keep going back (as long as we're open, obviously).

You’re welcome.

Can I get a voucher for something extra?

The best chance you’ve got is to sign up for all our exclusive deals. That’s like the Pizza Hut Restaurants club where the secret members (it’s not that secret) get access to really good stuff before anyone else. These deals can be Kids Eat Free vouchers, 241 Pizzas, collection deals, meal deals, 20% off.. we could go on.

Or you can download our App which lets you collect points every time you dine with us. You can use your points for free food and who doesn't love free food?

If you've just visited a Hut - hang on to your reciept! Head to our Feedback Site after your visit, give us a bit of feedback and we'll send you a 241 voucher for your next visit? We get to improve our Huts with your comments, you get a cheeky voucher - it's win win!

What offers are on at the moment then?

You’re on the wrong page! Special Offers at Pizza Hut are here.

My mate got a deal and I didn’t – how come?

Maybe we liked them more? No – sometimes our deals are limited and mostly we have them especially for a specific Hut – it’s important for us to be local. We know Northerners love pie and chips and Southerners like falafels.

Can I use 2 vouchers together?

It depends. Check each voucher for the T&C’s. We know it’s boring but it often helps. Generally though deals and discount vouchers don’t mix, you can only use one. It’s fine to use a Pizza Hut gift card with either though.

My voucher expires soon – can I use it after the expiry date?

No. You need to get your skates on and use it!


You’ve saved on your insurance quote - so that means you can save at Pizza Hut Restaurants! We're part of the Meerkat Meals 2 for 1 offer for comparethemarket customers. This offer does have conditions though and excludes the following:

  • Buffet
  • Big Sharer
  • Sharing Pizzas
  • Sharing platters
  • Sharing Cookie Dough
  • Drinks
  • Take Away
  • Kids Menu
  • Kids Parties
  • Meal Deals.


We do! If you've got a Blue Light Card or a Defence Discount Service Card you can grab 25% off Food, 7 days per week! You just need to download a code from the relavent online portal.

To take full advantage of the offer, Blue Light Card users need to visit to get their unique code.