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Corporate Social Responsibility

30 / 11 / 2017

Our Commitment:

“To responsibly manage our resources to help our people, guests and planet.”

OK cool, so what does that mean?

Well it means we’re always going to make sourcing and business decisions which affect all our resources in a way which is responsible towards our customers, our team members, our shareholders and our planet whenever possible. Why? Because it’s just the right thing to do.

Our commitment is to maximise the potential of our resources and to use our sustainability goal as a filter and decision making lens on all our resources from when we bring them into our business, when we use them in our business and when they leave our business.

We will use it to wherever possible, protect the wellbeing of our guests, our employees and the world around us through responsibly running great restaurants

“Resources”? What are you on about?

Resources is such a common word, it’s used a lot, but when we talk about resources, we mean five main areas:



Want to know a bit more? Here’s where we stand on each of them:


British Pizza – We’re a pizza chain, obvs, and we source all our dough and cheese from the UK and Ireland!

Animal Welfare – All our meat is Red Tractor or Equivalent, and so is our milk! And if you’re having sea food or fish, everything we serve you is either line and pole caught if it is from the wild, or if it is farmed, is BAP certified

A Good Egg – We’re committed to ensuring the eggs used in all of our products will be from cage free sources by 2020.

A Proper Brew – All the tea and coffee we sell is Rainforest Alliance or FairTrade certified.

Palm Oil – Any palm oil we use is RSPO certified

GM and Ingredients – We don’t have any genetically modified ingredients on our menu, or any artificial colourings, flavours or sweeteners (Other than branded soft drinks).



Our People – Our people are the heart of our business, both our guests and our team members. So much so we made our entire company vision to be “The Most Loved Place to Eat and Work”.

Where do the Tips go – our team members keep 100% of their tips. Cash tips are kept by the server who served the guest, card tips are distributed fairly to the team in the Hut via a Tronc system. We don’t take any sneaky cuts or handling fees, and none of the money goes to any sort of management. Our team members earned the Tip, so we think they should keep it all!

Zero Hours and Pay – We don’t have any zero hour contracts in our business and all team members are paid accordingly either on or above the new national minimum or living wage with management salaries being benchmarked to ensure we pay market rate or above

Training for Life – All our team members receive the whole shebang when it comes to on-boarding training. As soon as they join as well as all the skills they need to do the job! But we want to give them more, yes more. They also receive emotional and behavioural training and techniques to cope with stress and anxiety, as well as empathy, the ability to relate and compassion. We call it ‘skills for life’.

A Degree in Hospitality – We make sure every team member has the ability to apply for our Degree Level Apprenticeship programme, which is unique in our industry don’t cha know! We offer the complete pathway to degree level from entry trainee work experience through L2/3 and 4 for both front and back of house

Charity and Community support – True to our vision, we’re all about supporting the people connected to our business, our teams and our guests. We VERY proudly support Mental Health UK with a goal of raising awareness of mental health in the work place, breaking the taboo and making it A-Okay for people to put up their hand and say they’re suffering. We also raise money to support the work the organisation does, both nationally level and to fund chapters and events which are local to our Huts.

Feeding the homeless - We donate food to the homeless from all our central London restaurants and will look to extend that nationally in the coming months.

Ethical Sourcing – We comply with the modern slavery act 2015, we are members of SEDEX and insist our key suppliers are also members.



Balance and choice – Our menu offers full transparency of all our nutritional information, offers a balanced range of healthier and indulgent items and provides all our guests with an informed choice when they order, including on all our children’s meals.

Free Unlimited Salad – We offer free and unlimited salad with all our meals including all our children’s meals.

Gluten Free and Vegan – Our menu offers a dedicated gluten free pizza (for adults and children) and a vegan friendly pizza is available on request.

Soft Drinks – 70% of our soft drinks menu is low sugar or sugar free, and only no added sugar soft drinks are available on our children’s menu.


The Environment

Investing in the Environment – we have invested £1.5m in new smart meters, LED lighting and signage which is more environmentally friendly, better building management systems, eco refrigeration, high efficiency water heaters and improved air con systems to reduce our energy consumption and footprint. By the end of 2017 we will have invested a further £300,000 in supporting these initiatives.

Smart Measurement – Every site possible in our estate now has smart meters for electricity, gas and water and every site receives a weekly usage report and reduction target so we keep driving down unnecessary consumption.

Training our team – We educate all our teams through our regular comms cycle, weekly updates and roadshow events on the importance of energy conservation, techniques and targets to improve each restaurants performance and to actively engage them as energy champions.

Making savings – We’re moving in the right direction, we have reduced our electricity consumption by 5% and our gas consumption by 22% over four years. We have also reduced our water consumption by 15%.

Recycling the right way – Our restaurants segment their waste and packaging prior to disposal so we are as efficient as possible with recycling, with less than 10% going to landfill



Food waste standards – we have a zero to landfill policy on food waste. All our food either goes to compost or anaerobic digestion.

Knowing what we waste – We are increasing our investment in tools to measure our food waste and production. The best way to reduce food waste is to produce as close to what you need as possible, and that is our target.

Cooking Oil – All our cooking oil is recycled and turned into reusable energy.



Like all big companies, we have a Modern Slavery Act Statement. Ours can be viewed here.


You can read about our Tax Strategy here


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