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About us

We've been in the UK for over 45 years - and we don't plan on going anywhere!

Pizza Hut Restaurants

Pizza Hut Restaurants has has reached middle aged because we’re good at what we do. We’re passionate about pizza and about serving our guests. Our team lovingly develops pizzas based on what our guests tell us they want: a range of bases from deep Pan to Cheesy Bites and our skinny Feel-Good Flatbreads. All topped with fresh toppings. Pair that with the fresh free unlimited salad, the unlimited drinks and Ice Cream – well, it’s obvious why we’re still going strong.

That's not all. We are changing... our Huts have had a major facelift and we're serving up a whole new vibe and a whole new menu. 

45 years+ of experience proves we are doing something right and we’re just getting better. Pop in, pizza out and Taste Freedom for yourself!


About our history

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment is “To responsibly manage our resources to help our people, guests and planet.” - want to find out more about what that all means? Click here

We are proud of our food. From skinny 500 calorie pizzas to our iconic stuffed crust - We know pizza

We are proud of our food.

Not only do we serve 9,599 tonnes of fresh salad each year, which is more than any other restaurant group in the UK (just in case you wondered), we are also committed to keeping all ingredients at a consistent high standard throughout all our restaurants.

All our food is free from hydrogenated oil and we have reduced our salt level by 15%

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Jens Hofma: From Chief Executive to waiter

Because we are so committed to be the best at what we do, Jens Hofma keeps a finger on the pulse by working once a month at one of our Huts !

Jens, "Our guests are never going to feel better than our team members. The mood of the servers will transfer onto your guests, so they’re both part of the same principle”

9,000 staff members across over 270 locations dedicated to give you the best dine in experience.

Be a part of the team


We’re incredibly proud to be partnered with Mental Health UK – a network of national charities working across England, Scotland, and Wales to improve the lives of people with mental illness, and to support carers. Together its members ‘Rethink Mental Illness’, ‘Hafal’ and ‘Support In Mind Scotland’ have worked for over 40 years to provide services, information, and advice to support anyone affected by mental illness.

Through our partnership we are supporting fundraising activities, raising awareness and in turn, supporting our own wellness work to increase understanding of mental health issues in the workplace.

By supporting the Mental Health UKTM charities, we’re supporting our customers, our people and our values.

Gender Pay Gap Report

(13th March 2018)