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How do I update my Hut Rewards password?

1. Click here to reset your password.

2. You will be asked to type in the email address you use for your Hut Rewards account. We will send a temporary code to that email account.

3. Once you’ve received the email simply enter the code in the Reset Code box and choose a new secure and unique password.

For further information please contact our Customer Team.

Joining Hut Rewards

What is Hut Rewards?

Hut Rewards is Pizza Hut Delivery loyalty reward program that allows customers to earn “Slices” and redeem the Slices for a reward!

What is a Slice?

Hut Rewards let you earn points (known as Slices) on qualifying spend by making purchases online from participating locations at or via the Pizza Hut mobile app.

How does Hut Rewards work?

With any qualifying online order, customers earn 1 Slice for every £10 spent. When they have earned enough Slices for a reward they can choose to redeem them in exchange for the reward. Rewards can be redeemed per the below.

Why should I join Hut Rewards?

Join Hut Rewards to start earning Slices to redeem for a free side, medium or large pizza.

Who can join Hut Rewards?

To register, participate in Hut Rewards and earn Slices, you must be aged 18 or over and a resident in the UK.

How do I sign up for Hut Rewards?

To sign up, please click on the Hut Rewards logo on the top right-hand side of your screen / page and follow the steps to sign up.

How to earn Slices

How do I earn Slices?

Start earning Slices by signing up for the Hut Rewards online or download our app. You only start earning Slices for all online purchases after sign up, and also whilst you are logged in.

Where do I go to find out how many Slices I have earned?

After you login, you will be able to see the number of Slices you’ve earned at the top right side of the page / screen.

I spent £19.50 on my last order. How many Slices will I earn?

If your order qualifies for Hut Rewards Slices, you will earn 1 Slice. You will earn further Slices only to the extent you spend further increments of £10 i.e. if you spend £22 on a Qualifying Order you will be credited with 2 Slices, if you spend £31 3 Slices etc.

I have made a purchase over £10 however I have not received my Slices?

Please allow up to 24 hours for your Slices to show up on your account after a qualifying order. If your Slice is still not showing up, please contact our customer service team.

What about if I spend £15 – Do I get one and half Slices?

You will earn 1 Slice – you cannot earn partial Slices.

Redeeming Slices

What are the rewards I can redeem?

Earn 5 Slices and redeem the 5 Slices for a free Side classic or premium. (excluding Drinks and Desserts).
Earn 7 Slices and redeem the 7 Slices for a free Medium Pizza.
Earn 10 Slices and redeem the 10 Slices for a free Large Pizza
For the trial period, customers are limited to redeeming 1 reward per order.

What kind of crust options can I choose on my free large pizza when I redeem 10 slices.

You can choose between any crust options available, additional charges apply for stuffed crust (£2.59) and cheesy bites (£2.99).

What toppings are allowed on my free pizza?

All named menu item toppings are eligible except for create your own pizzas.

Are both Dine In Pizza Hut Restaurants and Delivery Pizza Hut taking part in this loyalty programme?

This is an online Pizza Hut delivery loyalty programme only. You can’t earn and redeem Slices at Dine In Pizza Hut Restaurants or by going to the Pizza Hut delivery store and placing an order.

If I have a question about Hut Rewards that I can’t find in the FAQ who do I contact?

For further information please contact our Customer Team.

How do I claim my free garlic bread?

Once you sign up for Hut Rewards and place a qualifying first order as a Hut Rewards loyalty member, you will be gifted with one free garlic bread, which can be redeemed on a following order within two months of your first order.

How long does it take for Slices to appear in my account?

Please allow up to 24 hours for your slices to show up on your account after a qualifying order.

Can Slices be converted to money?

Slices have no monetary value – please see Pizza Hut Delivery terms and conditions at

When do Slices expire?

Slices expire on a rolling 12-month period from the date the Slice was awarded.

Can I use vouchers to purchase pizza and still earn Slices?

You will earn Slices on the amount you pay at the checkout. So if you selected two pizza at £10.99 each and applied a £5 voucher, and the amount you will is £16.98 – you will earn 1 slice on the qualifying order

Can I get Slices for past orders?

You can’t earn Slices on past orders or if you are not logged in to Hut Rewards.

How do I opt out of Hut Rewards?

If you close your account you will stop earning Slices, and you will lose all your unused Slices. To close your Hut Reward account, please contact our Customer team.

Pizza Hut Delivery

How do I find a Hut that delivers to me?

The best way to find a Hut that delivers to your address is to enter your postcode in our ‘Find my Hut’ search tool on our homepage. From there you can find your local Hut for delivery and collection, as well as finding your nearest dine-in restaurant. If we don’t have a Hut near enough to you to deliver, you can search for your nearest Hut for collection by selecting the ‘Collection’ tab.

How long will my delivery take?

We aim to complete deliveries in under 30 minutes from the time your order has been successfully placed, but at busy times this may vary. We constantly review and refine our Pizza Hut delivery operations to ensure you have the best experience possible.
If your order is running late, please call your Hut directly using the phone number provided in your confirmation email and confirmation page.

Why doesn't my local Pizza Hut Restaurant deliver to me?

Pizza Hut have specialised delivery stores that have been built to deliver to your door, along with our restaurants that focus on giving you an amazing dine-in experience. This means some of our Huts don't offer delivery and instead focus on the best dine-in experience.
Our delivery zones are based on postcode and delivery journey time. Because we want to make sure we can deliver you a great pizza fresh out of the oven, sometimes your address won't be covered by a delivery Hut. If you can't get a delivery, you can always select ‘Collection’ to pick up your order at any Hut.
We're constantly working on opening new Huts, so if you don't have one that delivers to you now, be on the lookout for new Huts opening near you, or click to our location finder to find your nearest Hut. All of our Huts offer a collection service.

Which times can I order delivery for?

Our Hut opening times for delivery vary, but you can place ASAP orders as soon as the Hut opens. You can check your local Hut's homepage for opening times. You can also place an order for delivery or collection later in the day. See "Can I order for later?" below.

Can I order for later?

All of our Huts that offer delivery and collection allow you to place an order for later in the day. You can do this from 9am until the Hut closes. Once you've started your order you can also click the "time" selector found at the top of the page to change your order time.

Why does Pizza Hut have a cash limit on delivery orders?

To create safer working environments for our delivery drivers, we only accept cash payments for delivery orders up to £25.

What if something is wrong with my order?

If there is an issue with your order, please contact your Hut directly. Your Hut’s phone number can be found on your confirmation email. If you feel unsatisfied with the response, please contact Customer Services.

What if I forgot to add something to my order?

If you need to add an item in your order, please contact the Hut as soon as possible so that they can update your order before it is despatched.

What if I am not around when the delivery driver arrives?

We always recommend you provide a contact telephone number just in case this happens. There is also a ‘Delivery Instructions’ box on the checkout form where you can let us know where to leave your order if you’re not home.

Why do some huts charge a fee for delivery?

We strive to ensure our customers get their orders on time and the quality of our products is a priority for us at Pizza Hut Delivery. Our franchisees may charge a nominal delivery fee to help ensure sufficient drivers are available in order to help give our customers the best possible experience. Our customers also have the option of a pick-up service from their local hut.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my order?

Yes. You will need to contact either the store or our Customer Servicesteam. If you have placed the order online then it is likely that your payment will have already been processed so you may have to wait a few days whilst the refund is processed.

What if I receive an email stating my order was failed to be placed?

Very rarely something may go wrong and the Hut may have failed to receive your order. If this is the case you will receive an email letting you know this has occurred.
Please be aware that if you paid by card and receive an “order could not be processed” email, no payment has been taken on your card. There may be a temporary transaction for that amount on your account, but it will automatically be removed shortly. If you still see the transaction after 72 hours, please contact usdirectly and we will help to resolve the issue.

Have I been charged for a failed order?

In order to process your payment, we must first make your card provider aware that we intend to charge your account which results in your card provider “reserving” the funds for us to collect. Once this payment has been approved by your card provider we will pass your order to the Hut you purchased from and confirm your order. At this point you will also receive an email confirming your order. We will then request the funds your card provider has reserved for us.

If we are unable to confirm your order for some reason (e.g. loss of connection), we will proactively request your card provider removes the funds we have “reserved” on your card. However on some occasions this reversal may be unsuccessful. In this case, your bank will automatically release your funds. This normally takes up to 5 days but please contact your bank to confirm their policy. If this has happened to you and the funds have not been released from your card, please contact customer services.

How is the food packaged for delivery?

Once the food comes out of our ovens, they are packaged into one of our specially-designed delivery boxes (with the exception of salads). They are then transferred into a thermal food bag before being loaded into the vehicle and delivered to you.

Have you got an app?

Download our great mobile app for iOS and Android, you can then order on the go!

How can I find a Hut's opening hours?

You can find your local Hut’s opening hours by visiting our locations page. Just type in your location and select your nearest Hut to see its opening hours.

Is the Estimated Delivery Time (ETA) the same as the Delivery time?

No, the Estimated Delivery Time (ETA) detailed in the order confirmation email is an estimate of how long it will take for your order to be delivered. This estimate is based on a number of factors such as order volumes, driver availability, staffing levels, etc., all of which are subject to change.

Dine-In Pizza Huts (Restaurants)

How do I book a table

You can book tables on the Pizza Hut website. Click here to book a table or call your local restaurant. Click here to find contact numbers.

How do I organise a birthday party at Pizza Hut?

You can book a maximum of 10 guests online on our Restaurant booking page, but if you want to book a table for a larger party, please contact your chosen Restaurant and book direct. Click here to find contact details.

How can I find out about disabled access?

At Pizza Hut we pride ourselves on delivering great service to all our customers, including the disabled. The vast majority of our Restaurants, both old and new, meet the modern standards recommended within the UK for providing a service to persons with a disability.
Please use our store locator to find details on our facilities for customers with disabilities. In the event that the full range of facilities is not available, this website is able to provide information about alternative arrangements that are available at other Pizza Huts nearby. If you wish to clarify any aspect of the service available, please telephone the restaurant itself, where a member of our management will be happy to provide further advice for you.

When does Pizza Hut buffet start and finish?

Is there anything better than a buffet? Yeah… A Pizza Hut Buffet! And the best bit of all? Our Unlimited Lunch Buffet is available 7 DAYS A WEEK! You can grab a slice of the action every day until 3pm. Go on, you know you want to. For more information, please visit our buffet page.

How old is a child at Pizza Hut?

Up to 12 years old are considered to be eligible for kids' promotions at Pizza Hut.


Why is some of the food different in your Restaurants and Delivery stores?

We thoroughly test all our food before we add them to the Pizza Hut menu; we want to make sure food quality and standards are always high. Sometimes a food's quality can be affected by the time it would take to deliver to you. Rather than disappoint you, we don't include those options on our Delivery menu.

Which products are suitable for vegetarians?

We always aim to provide a good range of products suitable for vegetarians and these are clearly marked on our menus with a (V) symbol.

Where can I access allergen information?

Dietary and allergy information can be found by visiting the ingredient information page. Alternatively, ask your waiter or waitress for more information in any of our restaurants.

Where do you source your cheese?

All of the cheese supplied to our restaurants and delivery outlets is made in the UK. We work very closely with our suppliers to make sure all the dairy produce they source is from farms where good animal welfare practices are implemented.


How can I register for offers?

There are several ways you can do this. You can 'Like' our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or tick the box to receive offers from us when you place an online order.

I have a voucher but it won't work online

The terms and conditions are clearly shown on all of our vouchers. If you think your order should qualify and the voucher hasn't expired we'd suggest calling your local Hut, and they will be more than happy to help.

Why can't I use my discount voucher with a deal?

Most vouchers can't be used with another offer or deal because we can't give two sets of discounts on the same meal. Please see the terms and conditions included on the voucher.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can use the form on our Contact Us page to unsubscribe from emails and text messages

How will you use my personal information?

Pizza Hut takes security and use of personal information very seriously. For full details please read our Privacy Policy.

Company Information

How can I find out more about Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is owned by Yum!. You can find out more by clicking here.

Where can I get information about Pizza Hut’s Gender Pay Gap?

Click here to read our Gender Pay Gap report. (Published October 11th 2021)

Where can I get information about how Pizza Hut sources it’s products?

Click here to read our report.

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