Don't open it just yet, take the unopened envelope into the Hut!

Come back and see us soon and your waiter or waitress will be able to open that envelope so that you can find out what exciting prize awaits you.

Who said presents were just for Crustmas, Good luck!


There are cars, iPads, Cameras, Pizza Hut food gifts, just waiting to be won!

Terms & Conditions apply.

4 cars to be won

Claim your two presents

PRESENT 1: Unfortunately, the time to win your first present has now passed.

But don't worry, if you came into a Hut over the Crustmas period and still have your envelope there is still the chance to win the present inside the envelope.

PRESENT 2: Take the UNOPENED envelope back to the Hut between 6th Jan - 9th Feb 2014 and claim your second gift. There are 4 cars to be won plus lots of other presents like cameras, experience days, even more iPads and yep, even more Pizza Hut Restaurants food gifts… Bliss!

BUT REMEMBER – DON’T OPEN THE ENVELOPE! You need to take it to the Hut unopened to claim the present inside!

Merry Crustmas Everyone
Plus an iPad to be won everyday

Most recent winners!

Susan from
won a camera!

Patricia from
won an iPad mini!

Kunwar from
won a camera

Pizza Hut "Paddy's Presents" Promotional Terms and Conditions

Visit a Pizza Hut Restaurant for a meal between 18th November 2013 and 5th January 2014 inclusive and you will receive a "Paddy's Presents" Envelope. Every envelope contains 2 guaranteed present stages! All you have to do to claim your first present (titled "Win While You Wait") is to scratch off the panel on front to reveal a unique code. Visit and enter the code and your contact details. All who play are entered into a daily draw to win either 1x iPad 4 16GB wifi (1 to be won daily; 52 to be won in total) or 1 x Paddy T-Shirts (10 to be won daily; 520 to be won in total); everyone who plays is immediately rewarded with a discount code for either 15% off at (IWOOT) or 10% off at

Winners of the iPad or T-Shirt will be notified within 24 hours by email following the daily draw. All presents must be claimed and/or redeemed within 14 days of notification, and therefore the final date for redemption is 5th February 2014.

All you need to do to claim your second present (titled "Paddy's Presents") is return to any participating Pizza Hut Restaurant between 6th January and 9th February 2014 inclusive with your unopened envelope and ask for the Restaurant Manager on Duty to open the Paddy's Present Envelope and follow the instructions inside. Every Paddy's Present Envelope contains a present ranging from a New Car (Fiat 500) to a Samsung Digital Camera, to Experience Day Vouchers to an iPad Mini® or delicious Pizza Hut food (any Free Starter, Any Free Dessert, 25% Off Food, 33% Off Food, 40% Off Food, 2 for 1 Pizza – Starters & Desserts individual portions only) but remember, you must not open it until you return to a Pizza Hut Restaurant or it will become invalid. Food presents must be claimed/redeemed by 9th February 2014. Non-Food presents must be claimed by 23rd February 2014. 

Full terms and conditions