Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know something about us?

Times at the Hut

When are you open?

It varies but it’s usually 11.30 ‘till late. You can check your local hut, just let us know which it is.

Is there a Pizza Hut near me?

Well we don’t know where you are...? But it’s likely there is. Tell us your whereabouts and we can find one for you!

Are you open Sundays?

Er yeah… what do you think this is, the olden days!?! Check out the opening times at your local Hut.

What time is the Buffet on?

Usually the Buffet is on from opening time until 3pm. But in some very special Huts we run it until 5pm in the kids holidays. Call ahead to find out if your Hut is. 

What about Happy Hour?

Well Happy Hour is available in some (not all) Pizza Hut Restaurants from 3pm-5pm. Make sure you're signed up to the database and we'll email you when it's running at your local Hut.

How do I book at your Restaurant?

Well you can either book via the power of the web or you can give us a tinkle. Each Restaurant can take your booking on the phone. Find your nearest Hut to do either.

Kids, access and facilities

Do you have baby changing facilities?

We sure do. We are a family restaurants after all!

Do you have High Chairs?

Yes. We want your little ‘un to be comfy when dining!

Do you do Kid’s parties?

Yep… and we love ‘em. Call your local Hut to arrange one or book one here. You get a confirmation back that it’s all booked but it’s always best to give the Hut a bell a few days before – that way you know you are all set!

Can I bring my dog?

Only if he’s helping you out (that’s a guide dog). If in doubt check with the local Hut.

What about my cat?

No you’re just being silly!

I’m a high flying business person, do you have Wi-Fi?

Oh yeah! Most of our Huts are connected to internet. That means you can connect to the whole world from our Restaurants. Weird eh? We also like it if you get involved. We’d love to see you munching on our tasty pizzas and posting it onto Facebook or Twitter.

Do you have disabled facilities?

We do. Most Huts have accessible doorways and loos. It’s always best to check your local Hut or give them a bell first.

Can I park my car at your place?

Yep, at most of our Huts you can. Some are in city centres though so you sometimes cannot park right outside. Always best to check out where the Hut is on the map.


I’m not mad keen on Pizza, should I still come?

What!? Who doesn’t like pizza?! But if you really don’t then we do other stuff too and the good news it’s as tasty as the pizza. Check out the menu and see what you think. We also do loads of yummy desserts – top tip, the warm chocolate Cookie Dough is awesome!

I could eat pizza at home though...

Yep, you could. But will it be Pizza Hut pizza that is piping hot and served to your table minutes after it came from the oven? Will it have that distinctive Pizza Hut smell of... erm, how do you describe it – well it’s just tasty! Will it be topped full of veg that has been freshly chopped.

Will the dough have been stretched by hand and lovingly prepared...

Will it be served by a smiling face and accompanied by unlimted drinks and a trip to the Ice Cream Factory afterwards?

Will all your family or mates be sat together laughing and joking and just having a bloomin’ great time?

Thought not.

(You can also collect from us though if you really did want to stay at home)

Why is some of the food different to what Pizza Hut Delivery do?

Well we want to make sure your food is awesome and some pizzas just don’t travel well, so Pizza Hut delivery have a slightly different menu to Pizza Hut Restaurants. We wouldn’t want to disappoint you now would we!?

Do you do salad?

We sure do. You can get it FREE with every main meal and top up as much as you like. Our salad bar is pretty special, we have over 30 ingredients.

I heard a rumour your salad is free, you’re kidding right?

No! We aren’t kidding. The Salad is free with every main meal when you're eating in the restaurant. And for those who haven’t seen the salad bar, well let me tell you, you’re missing out!

Do you serve alcohol?

Yep. But only if you’re legal! You can only drink it in our Hut though, you can’t take it away. Them’s the rules.

Can I bring my own drink?


Can I come just for pudding?

Pudding, dessert.. tomAto, tomAHto.. yep – we do it all. And you are very welcome.

Why does the Pizza Hut menu change from time to time?

We just want to keep making it better! We ask for feedback and look at what you are all loving... so we try out new food!.

What about Nutrition and allergies: Can you tell me what goes into your food?

Yep. On each of our food and drink pages you can see all the stats. For allergy info you can also download a PDF on our menu pages.

Is your meat Halal?

None of the food served at Pizza Hut in the UK and Ireland is halal certified. 

How do you cook your pasta?

Through our ovens. They are very nice too.



I love a deal – can I get one please!?

Hey, who doesn’t love a deal! And yes, you can have one... we have free salad with every main meal in all of our Huts all day every day.

If that wasn’t enough you can top up on your fizzy pop or squash for free and have as much as you like (our drinks are unlimited).

And if those two beauties weren’t enough the trips to the Ice Cream Factory are unlimited too! So buy one bowl and you can just keep going back (not after we are closed though we do have homes to go to you know).

You’re welcome.

Can I get a voucher for something extra?

The best chance you’ve got is to sign up for HutLove. That’s like the Pizza Hut Restaurants club where the secret members (it’s not that secret) get access to really good stuff before anyone else. These deals can be Kids Eat Free vouchers, 241 pizzas, collection deals, meal deals, 20% off.. we could go on. Anyway, they are on at various times throughout the year and your best bet is to sign up.

What offers are on at the moment then?

You’re on the wrong page! Go here to see ‘em.

My mate got a deal and I didn’t – how come?

Maybe we liked them more? No – sometimes our deals are limited and mostly we have them especially for the local Hut – it’s important for us to be local. We know Northerners love pie and chips and Southerners like falafels. (Erm, we do pizza though - fact)

Can I use 2 vouchers together.

It depends. Check each voucher for the T&C’s. We know it’s boring but it often helps. Generally though deals and discount vouchers don’t mix, you can only use one. It’s fine to use a Pizza Hut gift card with either though.

My voucher expires soon – can I use it after the expiry date.

No. You need to get your skates on and use it!

Contacts and other stuff

How do I book a table?

Just tell us where you are and when you want to come! Click here! You get an email right away to confirm it all. No need to do anything else, just turn up. For kids parties it may be best to give the Hut a bell a few days before, just to check they are all set for your little one’s arrival.

I’m not that pleased. Who do I tell?

We are really not pleased that you are not pleased and we want to make it right. We always suggest you tell the staff in the Hut first as they are usually pretty upset if our Guests are not pleased and will hopefully sort it out. If you are still not pleased tell us more here.

Can I pay by credit card?

For sure! We take Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Electron, JCB, Amex (but not online). We also take cash. Fact.

We only take card payments for online orders though. Until that Willy Wonka machine for sending physical things long distances is perfected - then we'll reconsider. 

How do I get to work with you guys?

Just apply!

How do I become a Pizza Hut Restaurant franchisee?

We don’t really have franchisees. Sorry.

I have a charity or fundraising event – can you help?

We have lots of requests and we cannot support them all so we have carefully selected some partners. See more here.

Gift Cards

I’d love a Pizza Hut Restaurants gift card – where I can get one?

You can also buy them online or from shops and supermarkets. They are good for presents, we give them to each other all the time here. We love ‘em. You can spend from a fiver to £250 (£250 would be an AWESOME present).

Can I use Gift Cards?

Yep, if it’s a Pizza Hut one. You can use them in participating Pizza Hut Restaurants all around the UK and can use them as much as you like (well until the money runs out or they expire after 18 months). There’s no minimum spend too – just buy what you like with them!

How do I check the balance on my Gift Card?

Easy peasy, just here. You cannot top up your card though- sorry!

Can I use them for Pizza Hut Delivery?

No – sorry! But you can use them when collecting Pizza inside the Hut (not online)

Can you help me if I lose it?

Sorry – no can do. You’ve just got to protect it like you would a precious gem.. or a rare piece of art.

Can I use them on deals?

Yep. Sure thing. They are just like cash (but plastic)

Can I exchange them for cash?

Cash-money? No. Sorry.

Can you put the balance of 2 cards onto 1 card?

No can do. But you can use 2 cards on one transaction if you like.

What’s the scratch panel for?

It’s a security measure for online sales, but it’s not important if you are going into the Restaurant. Don’t sweat it.

Do I need to keep the cardboard bit it was attached to?

No. Well, you can if you want but we don’t mind if you don’t.

My giftcard expires soon – can I use it after the expiry date?

No. You need to get your skates on and use it!

Do you accept Leisure Vouchers?

Leisure Vouchers from the Whitbread Group we do.

We don’t accept Luncheon Vouchers. Sorry.

We also accept the vouchers we have out at the time. See our offers.

Do you take NUS cards and give us a discount if we a student?

It depends on the Hut. Just check with them first.

Do you give anyone else a discount?

If they are not mentioned here we don’t. Sorry.

Can I use 2 vouchers together?

It depends. Check each voucher for the T&C’s. We know it’s boring but it often helps. Generally, you can't use a deal and a discount voucher together. It’s fine to use a Pizza Hut gift card with either though.

Collection queries

Can I order online?

For sure. Try here.

Will my details be kept safe?

Yep. They are never saved. The policies we have to protect your details are very strict.

Why don’t you deliver to me?

Pizza Hut Restaurants isn’t the same as Pizza Hut delivery. You need to go to the Delivery website to ask that question! The Restaurant DO do collection though.