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Finchley is named in Charles Dickens' 'The Old Curiosity Shop' as one of the main characters, Mr Garland, is said to live there. Taking the words from another of Mr Dickens' characters, Oliver Twist, if you want some 'more' food or pizza there are several restaurants in Finchley serving Italian cuisine. There are also pizza delivery services in the area offered by Pizza Hut where you can order online. Modern day Finchley is mainly a residential area with three town centres. Whether you are in any of the centres or in other areas such as the arts depot or Victoria Park it is easy to find pizza in Finchley.

Visit your nearest Pizza Hut restaurant for a fun and relaxed meal out, or order online to have a tasty meal delivered right to your door. At Pizza Hut we're proud to be the pioneers of delicious pizza toppings and innovative developments such as Cheesy Bites and the legendary Stuffed Crust. So if you're craving an Italian style meal at home or out and about, just enter your postcode to order for delivery or search for your local restaurant now. Our restaurants and Pizza Hut delivery are always here for you, and we're looking forward to receiving your order soon. For the nearest restaurants and delivery options in N3 and surrounding areas, just use the search boxes.

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