Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Hut?

The best way is to use your postcode in our Pizza Hut store finder, this will also tell you if you're in a delivery area. Click here to find your nearest Hut including phone number. If you don't know your postcode you can enter your town.

Why doesn't my local Pizza Hut Restaurant deliver to me?

Most of our Restaurants don't offer a delivery service. Instead, we have specialised delivery stores which have been developed specifically to deliver Pizza Hut to your door. Our delivery zones are based on postcode and delivery journey time - we simply want to make sure we can deliver you a great pizza that's piping hot. If you can't get a delivery, take away services are available at every Hut.

Why don't you have a Delivery store in my area?

We're constantly working on opening new stores, if you don't have one that delivers to you now keep a lookout for new stores opening near you, or click on our location finder to find your nearest store. All our Huts offer a take away service.

How do I book a table?

You can book tables on the Pizza Hut website. Click here to book a table or call your local restaurant. Click here to find contact numbers.

How do I organise a birthday party at Pizza Hut?

You can book a maximum of 20 guests online at here, but if you want to book a table for a larger party, please contact your chosen Restaurant and book direct. Click here to find contact details.

How can I find out about disabled access?

At Pizza Hut we pride ourselves on delivering great service to all our customers, including the disabled. The vast majority of our Restaurants, both old and new, meet the modern standards recommended within the UK for providing a service to persons with a disability.

Please use our store locator to find details on our facilities for customers with disabilities. In the event that the full range of facilities is not available, this website is able to provide information about alternative arrangements that are available at other Pizza Huts nearby. If you wish to clarify any aspect of the service available, please telephone the restaurant itself, where a member of our management will be happy to provide further advice for you.

Why is some of the food different in your Restaurants and Delivery stores?

We thoroughly test all our food before we add them to the Pizza Hut menu; we want to make sure food quality and standards are always high. Sometimes a food's quality can be affected by the time it would take to deliver to you. Rather than disappoint you, we don't include those options on our Delivery menu.

What products are suitable for vegetarians?

We always aim to provide a good range of products suitable for vegetarians and these are clearly marked on our menus with a (V) symbol.

Where can I access allergen information?

Dietary and allergy information can be found by visiting our menu page, selecting a menu then clicking on the nutritional information, alternatively ask your waiter or waitress for more information in any of our restaurants.

When does Pizza Hut buffet start and finish?

Most of our dine in Restaurants have a buffet. Buffet is normally available from lunchtime until 3pm. Some Huts open for longer so it’s a good idea to check. Buffet is not available at weekends or on Bank Holidays. For information about what is included in the lunchtime buffet please visit our buffet page.

When is Happy Hour at Pizza Hut?

Typically, Happy Hour runs from 3-5pm, although as this varies by Restaurant, it's best to check with your local Hut.

Where do Kids Eat Free?

Kids Eat Free is a promotion that we have at certain times in the year and in certain dine in Restaurants. It's always best to check on the website for details.

How old is a child at Pizza Hut?

Under 12s are considered to be eligible for kids' promotions at Pizza Hut.

Where do you supply your cheese?

All of the cheese supplied to our restaurants and delivery outlets is made in the UK. We work very closely with our suppliers to make sure all the dairy produce they source is from farms where good animal welfare practices are implemented.

How can I register for offers?

There are several ways you can do this. You can 'Like' our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or register online and tick the box to receive offers from us. Remember to keep an eye on our voucher and deals pages, there are always great money savings available!

I have a voucher but it won't work online

The terms and conditions will be clearly printed on the voucher, if you think your order should qualify and the voucher hasn't expired we'd suggest calling your local store, they should be able to help.

Why can't I use my discount voucher with a deal?

Most vouchers can't be used with another offer or deal because we can't give two sets of discounts on the same meal. Please see the terms and conditions included on the voucher.

How do I unsubscribe?

Click on our Contact us page where you'll be able to unsubscribe from emails and text messages

How will you use my personal information?

Pizza Hut takes security and use of personal information very seriously; for full details of our Privacy Policy please click here.

How can I find out more about Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is owned by Yum!. You can find out more by clicking here.

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